documentary, 2022



Marvin has to change.
A graphic designer by day and an erotica author by night, Marvin is starting his gender transition. Will his husband accept him?



Others perceived R. as a happy woman. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, R. married Ivan, a Slovak psychiatrist. The young couple settled in Sweden, and had two children, and it appeared that R.’s life would follow a predictable path. R. was happy, but felt an inner emptiness. As a distraction from daily life, R. began writing fiction, eventually creating a male alter-ego and penning novels for the LGBTQIA+ community. It became clear to R. that the void they felt could only be filled by living as their authentic self and beginning their transition journey. R. is now Marvin, a man. To find true happiness, Marvin must dismantle his old life and construct a new one, a process that affects not only himself, but also his husband and children. A Happy Man follows Marvin’s journey from 2019 through 2022.

With the financial support of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.


Production: may 2019 – winter 2021

Premiere: Hot Docs Festival, April 27 – May 7, 2023

Writer/Director: Soňa G. Lutherová
Producers: Maroš Hečko, Peter Veverka / Azyl Production
Co-Producers: Filip Čermák / Company F
Hanka Kastelicová, Tereza Keilová, Tereza Polachová/ HBO MAX
Director of Photography: Norbert Hudec
Production Sound Mixer: Michal Stašák
Editor: Peter Harum
Music Composer: Matej Gyárfáš
Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik