document, 2022



The most significant architects of the communist era in Czechoslovakia and their buildings captured before their complete disapperenace.


The movie maps the architecture of the communist era in Czechoslovakia. Despite the rough power of the regime and its ideology that had a crucial impact on the development of the architectural scene, they managed to build many buildings that confirm great creative potential and strong personalities.  This film wants to present the most significant architects of that era with their private lives, motivations and difficulties they had to overcome. Many of these personalities are of old age. It is necessary to capture their views and buildings that are slowly disappearing.



Production: zima 2017 – jeseň 2022

Premiere : jeseň 2022

Idea: Vladimír 518

Screenplay: Henrieta Moravčíková, Vladimír 518
Director: Jan Zajíček, Vladimír 518

Production: Axman Production
Karla Stojáková

Co-Production: AZYL Production s.r.o.
Maroš Hečko
Peter Veverka

DOP: Jiří Málek
    Noro Hudec

Music: Ondřej Skala
Vladimír Godár

Edit: Zdeněk Marek

Sound: Jan Paul

Budget: 350 000 €

Target audience: muži a ženy 15+ 

(študenti až pamätníci)