Kandidát (The Candidate)

cynický thriller, 2013

All days long,I bug. Conversations, banal phrases whith which people code their secrets. Words that they use instead of dark shades in this nasty poker game. I´m rewriting, analysing, looking for connections. I do observe, because the truth usually hides in concealed, untold.

                                        Kandidát (The Candidate)

About the project

The plot of the movie Kandidát is happening during two months of the campaign before unconcrete elections in one concrete country. The author of diary notes doesn´t have a clue who he bugs for and his excitement from interesting order, in which he bugs bishop, mad owner of advertising agency and flat presidential candidate with expressive name Peter Potôň and even more expressive family history, is changed by disgust and confusion. His diary becomes a file with transcription of conversations, informations about characters, mail conversations, fragments from psychiatric medical records and pictures that he firstly sketches from boredom and later because there is not enough words and rational explanations. Kandidát is political farce, sad and comical picture of what happened, is happening and very easily may happen in this small country. It´s a satirical analysis of society that lets the rich and powerful to manipulate with them. Kandidát is about ordinary people that are under this pressure sinking each other and helps only when the life is at stake. Kandidát is the manifesto against the secret.


    director: Jonáš Karásek

    producer: Maroš Hečko

    executive producer: Ivan Juráš

    co-producers: Kamil Kožíšek, Pavel Zvolenský

    production: Viliam Štrelinger

    screenwriters: Maroš Hečko, Michal Havran, Peter Balko

    dramaturgy: Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová

    cast: Marek Majeský, Monika Hilmerová, Michal Kubovčík, Michal Dlouhý, Ján Jackuliak a Pavel Nový

    director of photography: Tomáš Juríček

    score: Matúš Široký

    editor: Matej Beneš

    master of sound: Peter Kučera

    costume designer: Diana Strauszová

    make-up artist: Roman Haša


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