dráma, 2008


About the project

SMOG is a window to life of musician Jakub who symbolize today´s times. He invents trivial melodies for stupid adverts, helps to record a top chart song for a singer that has different advantages than color of her voice, he meets a dumb chief-producer, his pretty daughter and her mother that was once his wife, but now she can only show her middle finger. SMOG is medium-length 40 minut movie and a debut of director Daniel Rihák.


    director: Daniel Rihák

    screenplay: Maroš Hečko

    director of photography: Milan Balog

    score: Oskar Rózsa

    editor: Daniel Rihák

    cast: Robo Roth, Táňa Pauhofová, Roman Luknár, Edita Borsová, Jozef Pročko, Miroslava Pavlíková

    executive producer: Martin Hasák

    producer: Maroš Hečko a Marek Veselický

    Azyl Production a Farbika